Dry mouth spray for everyday use. Easy but effective. Oral Clean Gel Spray

For the elderly care

  • Hard to keep mouth openand jaw gets tired.

    Uncomfortable being put fingers in a mouth.

    It takes time to spread gel and needs
    a sponge and gloves each time.

  • Just spray. It takes onlyfew seconds.

    Easy and gentle process for care giver
    and especially for bed ridden patient.

No need to use fingers, a sponge or gloves.

For denture users

  • Denture doesn’t fit well.Denture adhesive doesn’t work well.

    Dentures could damage
    mucus membrane that causes ulcers.

  • The cause might be a dry mouth.

    Moist entire mouth before wear dentures.

  • Do not spray to your throat.
  • Do not swallow.

A moisturizing gel that prevents bad breath caused by dry-mouth, so there’s no need to use fingers or a sponge. A fine mist spreads, then solidifies in your entire mouth with only one push. It is convenience to use whenever you feel the need. Simple and high moisturizing.

Solution for customer ‘s problem

Two types of dry-mouth care products in the market,gel type and spray type.
Each type has its insufficiency.

So we combined these two types into one gel spray.

  1. PROBLEM 1
    Gel type users did not like to apply
    the gel directly in the mouth.
  2. PROBLEM 2
    Spray type is too watery that could
    cause swallowing it by mistake.

We developed Zettoc’s original formula. Gel spray!

Fine mist spreads in the mouth Solidifies in your entire mouth

Process patent: Oral moisturizer No.5730041

Try Oral Clean Gel Spray
Unique Points

  1. POINT1Easy!
    No need to use a sponge. Just spray. Easy!
    Once you spray, this gel covers a large area.
    Easy for self-users and caregivers.
  2. POINT2Adhesive
    Fine mist sticks to the inside of your mouth.
    It stays in your mouth.
    Suitable for bedridden people.
  3. POINT3Refreshing
    Prevents sliminess and odor in your mouth.
    Prevents the growth of bacteria as well as the formation of biofilm.
  4. POINT4Moist!
    High moisturizing ability. Competitive with tube-type dispensers.
    The formulation of this spray-type gel is patented by Zettoc. 3 kinds of moisturizer included such as GLYCERYL GLUCOSIDE derived from Myrothamnus Flabellifolia (“tree of revival”).
  5. POINT5Gentle
    Gentle to your oral environment. Low stimulation.
    Alcohol free. Foaming agent free.
    Menthol free. Artificial colorant free.

Gel spray moisturizes mouth much more
than liquid spray.

Fine mist of gel spreads,
and solidifies in a mouth.
Recorded by high speed camera.

Comparison of moisturizing effect of water and gel
Researched by Nippon Zettoc NOV 2016.

For other concerns

Gentle and highly functional oral moisturizing gel for dry mouth.
Fine mist perfectly sticks to the inside of the
mouth and prevents sliminess and odor.

  • Being thirsty caused
    by medicine

  • Sticky in the mouth when awake.
    Use the spray before sleep

  • Spray before dating

  • When your mouth dries.

  • When you are nervous and
    get thirsty

  • When you a chatting

Product line

Oral Clean Gel Spray
  • Non Flavor
  • Fruity Citrus
Oral Clean Gel Spray 50g

For dry-mouth, spray evenly into your mouth with a suitable amount(2 to 3 push) , then wipe off or spit out.