• Why Zettoc Style?

ZETTOC STYLEProud to be delivering happiness every day.

Making smilesMake everyone on earth happy and healthy
With science and technology

Living a healthier, more joyful life.

Based on this belief, we have held on to our corporate stance of “creating desirable
and effective products with the power of science” for over six decades.
We have repeatedly carried out our research and pursued better quality and efficacy
in our products.
We are proceeding with projects that promote health and beauty.
We aim to fill society and the life of everyone with smiles and happiness through our
various products in oral care, body care, facial care, hair care, and more.

Research and Development - The power of being creative to develop advanced, functional products. Our mission is to provide distinctive values to the market.

We always look for new and effective materials to develop new products.
Moreover, if there is a demand from the market, we bring our full technology to create the most desired product.
Zettoc brings desired, brand new products to the market.

Materials Research - Development of high-functional, value-added, and unique products / Formula Design - Development of one-and-only formulation / Evaluation Study - Evaluation of efficacy and safety
Materials Research
We put a great effort on the fundamental studies of various materials in order to discover functions and effectiveness for the development of high-functional and value-added products.
Formula Design
We create unique formulations based on our long history of the know-hows and formulation technologies. By using our toothpaste manufacturing technology, non aqueous formulation, high-pressure emulsification etc, we always create original formulations.
Evaluation Study
We evaluate efficacy and usability, and focus on evidence-based product development. Also, we pursue safety by conducting patch-tests, toxicity tests, and surveys (for cosmetics).

Manufacturing - We produce high-quality, standard products based on scientific research. We are capable of supplying such products in a stable manner.We have the “creating” power, successfully making your dreams come true.

Safe and high quality products can be produced only in a clean and very safe environment.
Our production system is set to make high quality products efficiently, ecologically, and for reasonable prices.

  • High quality production
    High quality production

    At our new factory we have defined clean zones, pragmatically determined flow lines so that there is no insect or cross-contamination.We maintain a super-clean environment by thorough clean management and air pressure control.

  • Effective production
    Effective production

    Effective manufacturing is achieved by combining the latest equipment with advanced production and distribution systems. Also, we are flexible, so we can provide the necessary quantity on time, according to customers’ wishes.

  • Environment-conscious

    We try to preserve and protect the natural environment by proactively using the newest emission processing system, and applying low energy consumption strategies.

Quality Control - We have a thorough quality control system.The power to create safe products without any worries.

Thorough quality control and quality assurance are performed as a manufacturer of skincare and oral care products.
Zettoc takes responsibility for consumers by being compliant to
Japanese pharmaceutical laws, as well as providing scientific evidences.
We have established systems for GMP and ISO throughout the whole manufacturing processes.

  • Quality Control
    Strict Quality Control System

    Effective manufacturing is achieved by combining the latest equipment with advanced production and distribution systems. Also, flexible, so we can provide the necessary quantity on time, according to customers’ wishes.

  • GMP Compliant
    GMP Compliant, High-Quality

    Zettoc has obtained ISO9001:2015 certification, the international standard of quality control. Our quality control system is based on GVP (post-manufacturing and sales safety control standards) and GQP (quality control standards).

  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance System

    We implement an effective, corrective, and preventive action, and adhere to our quality management system to maintain our high standard of quality.

Supply - We deliver safe and effective products to customers all over the world.

Zettoc develops and provides oral care and skin care products to all over the world including Asia, the Americas, and Europe. We are not only selling, but also spreading the awareness of the importance of preventive care by performing educational projects. Our ultimate goal is to make people all over the world smile and happy from using Zettoc products.

Our OEM Products
    Shallop αWHITE Toothpaste – SensiCare
    Shallop αWHITE Toothpaste – SensiCare

    Immediately relieves sensitivity and pain.
    Helps to repair enamel and prevent tooth sensitivity.

    Shallop αWHITE Toothpaste – Gum Vital
    Shallop αWHITE Toothpaste – Gum Vital

    Provides gentle whitening with pearl powder, fights gum disease bacteria and prevents bleeding gums

    Shallop αWHITE Toothpaste – 3XWhitening
    Shallop αWHITE Toothpaste – 3XWhitening

    3X Whitening Advanced Technology. Pearl powder gently removes stains and brightens teeth. While SPP blocks 95% of external pigmentation.

    Breezy Scent Toothpaste
    Breezy Scent Toothpaste

    An innovative toothpaste, that combines green tea, panax ginseng root and calendula extracts, to provide total care for various oral concerns.


    Fights cavities and gum diease, and improves the overall oral environment with L8020 probiotics, Xylitol and plant extract.

    Teryleaf Herbal Toothpaste
    Teryleaf Herbal Toothpaste

    Feel refreshed and protect your gums with 10 natural herbal extracts.

Our own brand products(Zettoc Style)