sh40 Advanced whitening toothpaste for pearly white teeth and radiant smile.


Smile Honey Toothpaste protects you from gum disease and special types of cavities connected to aging.
Clinically proven effective.
Natural herbal and active ingredients.

You don’t have to worry
the following

  • My gums are swelling!
    My gums are swelling!
  • My gums are bleeding!
    My gums are bleeding!
  • I’ve got cavities in receding gum spots!
    I’ve got cavities in
    receding gum spots!
  • I’ve got cavities in cracks between fillings and  teeth!
    I’ve got cavities in cracks
    between fillings and

Toothpaste help you?

Gum Disease Prevention

  • Mild gum disease
    dental plaque, tartar
    build up and gum swelling
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  • Medium gum disease
    inflammation progress dissolution
    to the bone
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  • severe gum disease
    dissolution of bones – teeth roots become visible and unstable

Active Ingredients
Preventing Gum Disease

sterllization CPC/ Anti-inflammatory Glycyrrhetinic Acid
Glycyrrhetinic acid

Calms down gum inflammation

Cetylpyridinium chloride

Sterilizes periodontal disease bacteria

Adult Cavity Prevention

Adult cavities are formed in cracks between fillings and teeth, in receding gum spots

  • Pay Attention to Adult Cavities!
    Cavities in receding gum spots/Cavities in cracks between fillings and teeth
  • cavity in receding gum spot close to the tooth root.

High Concentrated Fluoride (1400ppm) Preventing Adult Cavities

Promotes repairing of
            tooth surfaces (remineralization)/Prevents creation and progression of cavities

Natural Plant Extracts Fighting Gum Related Problems

Asian Ginseng
1 Asian Ginseng Extract:
Astringent of gums

Known as the “king of traditional Chinese medicine” and the herb that “keeps the doctors away”. Once valued as the same as gold because of its scarcity and used by aristocrats for many years. Makes the gums more resilient and astringent.

Great Burnet
2 Great Burnet Extract:
Suppressing the bleeding

The scientific name of this herb is Sanguisorba where “anguis” means blood and “sorb” means “to suck up”. This herb has been mostly used for its medicinal properties as a bleeding suppression agent for centuries in Chinese medicine, even for wounds and injuries. Makes the gums more resilient against bleeding.

Loquat Leaf
3 Loquat Leaf Extract:
Fights back against dental plaque

The Loquat tree is known as “the great medicine tree and its leaves as “leaves that cure disease and sorrow”. The herb has been used as part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years for its positive effects on the immune system protecting the body against damage and diseases. Suppresses the dental plaque related to gum disease.


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