SMILE HONEY For people over 40 who suffer from periodontal disease. Oral hygienic issues vary with aging. This series is designed for middle aged and older people. It sterilizes the bacteria that causes periodontal disease, and it stops the swelling and bleeding caused by periodontal disease.

Against swollen gums.-Blood circulation promoting type Use this type when you feel your teeth become elongated and loose. Again when your gums bleed after brushing.-Astringent effect type When your gums become red, flabby, and bleed -Activation of cellular tissue type

Promotes blood circulation and
prevents periodontal disease

Blood circulation promoting type
Before your gums become swollen. Contains the blood circulation
promoting ingredient Tocopheryl Acetite
Contains 3 types of plant extract (wetting agent) Cordyceps
Sinensis Extract Sage Leaf
Extract Sasa Veitchii

Natural cool mint based. Basil, eucalyptus, anise cool mint flavor-added. With connotation of medicinal green herb.

Blood circulation promoting type
<herbal mint flavor>120g

Strong astringent effect.
Prevents periodontal disease.

Astringent effect type
Use this before your teeth become
elongated and loose.  Contains Sodium Chloride that tightens your gums
Contains 3 types of plant extract (wetting agent) Sanguisorba Officinalis
Root Extract Uncaria Gambi
Extract Sage Leaf

Based on rich spearmint with cuckoo flower connotation based.
Medicinal herbal flavor.

Astringent effect type
<spearmint flavor> 120g

For severely swollen and bleeding gums

Activation of cellular tissue type
Contains glycyrhentic acid, effective against inflammation and bleeding [anti-inflammatory effect]
Carrot extract Crataegus Oxyacantha Extract Eriobotrya Japonica Leaf Extract

Touch of Cinnamon, rich spearmint based medicinal herbal flavor.

Activation of cellular tissue type
<Cinnamon mint flavor>120g