Zettoc Kids Toothpaste

Nippon Zettoc made new kids toothpastes for soft and fragile teeth of children.
Gentle and safe materials were carefully selected to encourage children enjoy their tooth brushing.

Feature of Zettoc Kids Toothpaste

  • Low Stimulation
    Synthetic dye free
    Fluoride free
    Artificial sweetener free
    Sulfate free
    Mineral oil free
  • Low Abrasion
    Dual fine silica cleans the teeth thoroughly but gently.
  • Low Foaming
    Easy for kids to learn proper brushing technique.
  • High xylitol content of 25% prevents cavities and strengthens teeth. Xylitol is a naturally occurring component in many fruits and vegetables.
  • Flip-up cap is easy
    for kids to open.

There are strawberry flavor and orange flavor.
For 7 month old babies and above.

Zettoc Kids Toothpaste70g