Zettoc Kids Toothpaste

Zettoc Kids

is a toothpaste series that can offer oral care for
children at different developmental stages and fight cavities.

  • Age matching toothpaste formula
  • Containing cavit protection agent
  • Flavorful carefully chosen flavors
  • Safe ingredients

Thinking about children’s oral care

“How do I protect my kids from cavities?”

“What is the best method for their age?”

“I am looking for information on my
smartphone…But can I trust the information I have found?”

Parents have so many worries about their children’s oral care…

But have so little time…

“I don’t have much time,
but I want to protect my
child from cavities!”

We want such parents to choose ZETTOC KIDS.


Say goodbye to cavity worries!

Oral care matching the development stages of children.
Safe formula.
Don’t spend your time worrying – use it meaningfully!

  • For 2-5y.o.
  • For 6+y.o.


Add brushing teeth to you kid's daily routine.

ZETTOC KIDS for For 2-5y.o.

Strawberry / Watermelon flavor

Start using this toothpaste when switching from baby food to table food.
Brushing teeth is an essential life habit that parents should teach little kids starting from a very young age to keep their their teeth and gums healthy and clean.

Features a low foaming gel.

Gentle formula

Not Used: Articial color, Fluoride, Foaming agent, Abrasive, Mint, Alcohol

Anti-cavity with fluoride

ZETTOC KIDS for For6+y.o.

Orange / Cola flavor

The first permanent teeth usually grow in between the ages 6 and 7. Use ZETTOC KIDS toothpaste for ages 6 and over to prevent cavities and to make strong teeth with CPC and fluoride.

Features a foaming formula.

Gentle formula

Not Used: Articial color, Mint, Alcohol

Double Cavity Protection
from Safe Ingredients

CPC is an antibacterial agent that penetrates every single corner around teeth and kills bacteria.


Fluoride* strengthens children’s fragile tooth enamel while remineralizing teeth and preventing acid formation by bacteria.

*Added to 6+ y.o. only.

Anti-acid / Strengthening / Remineralization

Fluoride can prevent acids from dissolving teeth!

Did you know?
Oral care differs depending on the developmental stage of the child.

Oral care differs depending on the developmental stage of the child.

ZETTOC KIDS has illustrated brushing instructions for each age group.
No worry for parents!

brushing instructions brushing instructions


  • For 2-5y.o.
  • For 6+y.o.