For KIDS Zettoc Toothpaste Child Care

Nippon Zettoc provides high functional “kids toothpaste” with the updated technology to achieve a goal
for improving oral care for children in China and Asian countries.
We pursued the gentleness and safety to encourage children enjoy their tooth brushing .

Feature of Zettoc kids toothpaste

  • Gentle and safe toothpaste for children
  • High xylitol content of 25%.
    Strengthens tooth structure,
    preventing the occurrence and progress of cavities.
  • The product does not contain sweetener which creates “acid” that causes cavity.
  • Two types of fine soft silica to remove food particles.
    The paste is low abrasive to prevent damaging children’s sensitive teeth or gum.
  • Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), sterilizing effect active ingredient reaches far back to every corner of teeth and kills cavity causing bacterium.
  • By considering excess intake of fluoride, Zettoc Toothpaste which has cavity prevention effect sufficiently, The product does not need to contain fluoride.
  • Strawberry and Orange flavor that kids love
  • Low foaming to brush for appropriate amount of time.
  • Flip up cap is easy for kids to open.

There are strawberry flavor and orange flavor.
For 7 month old babies and above.

Zettoc Toothpaste Child Care (Gel type)60g
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