Cover Socks KeepCover Socks Keep

Can I use it for most socks?
Yes, you can. It can be used for any type of socks. It prevents socks from slipping.
*It is more effective if applied on a wide area.
How much of the product should I apply?
For low-cut socks apply two rice-sized dots. As for regular socks or knee high socks, apply all around your leg.
Why socks won’t come off?
Because of the special tapioca-derived forming film. When socks are put on, the film is “crushed” which creates an adhesive effect. When the socks are taken off, the film returns to its original form. This is the reason the cream is not sticky.
Doesn’t skin break out? Does the skin become itchy?
The ingredients of this product are used in many other cosmetics and are gentle on skin. The product passed the allergic patch test. However, please do not use this product if you develop skin conditions or if you have skin abnormalities.
What is the difference between this product and starch?
Skin care ingredients are used for this product and are gentle for your skin. We applied the special technology for the function which helps your skin to not be sticky when you take off your socks.

Homare Sake LotionHomare Sake Lotion

Can I use it even though I can’t drink Sake? (Is it OK to apply on skin?)
Yes, you can, but we still recommend you do a patch test on your arm to see if you are allergic to this product. If your skin shows a rash during the patch test, please stop the test immediately and rinse with water.
This product has a strong smell. Does it contain perfume? What scent is used?
It does not contain chemical aroma. The scent of this lotion is the aroma of a naturally derived lavender oil.
Lavender oil is used for aromatherapy, and its aroma has a relaxing effect.

Brilliant Eyes Brilliant Eyes

Please tell me how to use this product.
Apply a rice size amount or more after regular skin care.
Can I use it for eyelashes?
Yes, you can apply it directly on eyelashes. It repairs damaged eyelashes.
Please avoid getting the cream in your eyes.
What is eye cream good for?
We designed the formula for the thin-skinned and sensitive eye area (The cream does not contain fragrance, colorant, paraben, mineral oil, or animal oil.) The skin around the eyes look brilliant, younger, and smooth. Not only for moisturizing, it can also be used with a contained soft focus powder as a base control to cover darkness under the eyes.
I’m concerned about the fragrance.
This product does not contain fragrance because it is for the sensitive eye area. It has a scent of multiple beauty ingredients but the scent is not a sign of a problem with the product’s quality.

SMILE HONEY Oral Clean GelSMILE HONEY Oral Clean Gel

Is it safe to swallow?
It is safe if you accidentally swallow the product, however it is not a food. Please read the directions and remove it or spit it out after using the product.
Does it contain alcohol?
No, it doesn’t.
Can I use it as a toothpaste?
It is a mouth moisturizer, not a toothpaste.