Whiteα Nonmedicinal product For the ultimate shiny, white teeth An expert in advanced functional toothpastes, Nippon Zettoc now presents the ultimate whitening toothpaste!

Effects of White α

Whitening Effect Prevents bad breath Removes nicotine stains from teeth Cleans your mouth Refreshes your mouth Protects teeth from cavities Prevents gingivitis Prevents periodontitis

Featured Ingredients

Tricalcium Phosphate (α-TCP)
Makes your teeth shiny and white by remineralization.

Medicinal ingredients

Prevents gingivitis, periodontal disease, and bad breath. [anti-inflammation function]
Removes stains such as nicotine stains. [stain removal function]
Prevents bad breath and the formation of plaque.
Protects teeth from cavities. [anti-bacterial function]
Whitening Prevention of Periodontitis
Aloe Vera Extract Chamomile Extract

Herbal Mint Taste

Rich and refreshing fragrance

Zettoc Toothpaste TCP WHITE α100g
Whitening Prevention of Periodontitis
Horse chestnut extract Oolong tea extract

Citrus Mint Taste

Pleasant, soft citrus fragrance

Zettoc Toothpaste TCP WHITE α100g