Aromatic toothpaste
for whitening and breath care.

A beautiful smile will “switch” your life.
Suitable for daily whitening and breath care.

What is Switch?

Switch is no ordinary
toothpaste. It will make
your smile whiter than its
ever been. Switch will
make your breath fresher
than spring fields.

And when Switch trans-
forms your smile and your
breath, your confidence
will be transformed along
with it. Who knows what
you will accomplish with

Did you know?

People who have whiter teeth consider themselves 23% better at socializing compared to those with stained teeth.

*Research by Qzoo

70% of peoplehave noticed their colleagues’ bad breath.

**Research by Japan Dental Association

It’s time to 'switch' your life!

For whitening

Stain Clear
PEG floats the stain and Sodium Polyphosphate prevents stain adhesion,
keeping the teeth surface clean.
Tartar Control
Bacteria and calcium combine to form strong dental calculus, soiling the tooth’s surface.
CPC sterilizes bacteria that cause tartar build-up.
Zeolite adsorbs and removes Calcium, another cause of tartar.

For breath care

CPC sterilizes bacteria that release odorous substances, while Zeolite adsorbs and removes these substances.



Grab your f avorite aroma and give your mood a lift!

  • Fragrant Olive

    Sweet fragrance with a hint of spiciness.
    Fragrant olive is known to help relieve stress
    and suppress hunger and appetite.

  • Bergamot

    Citrus-like fragrance, with a distinctive
    spicy-floral quality. Suitable for refreshing
    and restoring a balance and peaceful mind.

  • Lavender

    Relaxing herbal fragrance with sweet and fruity
    flavor. Lavender is known to calm one’s mind
    and remove the tension from one’s body.