Switch Whitening and refreshing toothpaste Take a break and refresh yourself. Toothpaste with basic effects like whitening that appeals to emotions too. A product that helps you to Switch from a fuzzy to refreshed mood by simply brushing your teeth.

  • Polyethylen glycol 400

    Removes pigmentosum deposit like tobacco tar.

    Polyethylen glycol 400
  • Zeolite

    Prevents tartar build-up and bad breath.

  • Cetylpyridinium Chloride

    Prevents bad breath, dental plaque, and cavity formation. Blocks progression of these too.

    Cetylpyridinium Chloride
  • Sodium Polzphosphate
    (Coating agent)

    Coats tooth surfaces and prevents teeth from staining.

    Sodium Polzphosphate (Coating agent)
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Fragrance that helps you suppress your hunger Fragrant Olive Fragrance

Switch toothpast fragrant olive

Helps with your diet. Suppress appetite with fragrance. Uses effects of beauty aromatherapy.

When do you use it?
Use this fragrance to get relief from stress. Suppresses appetite as well helps you get rid of hunger. Deal with overeating with a different approach by using nice, natural flower effects.
What is it for?
Insomnia, excitement, sadness, worries, emotional instability, tiredness, stress, overeating, obesity.
Switch Toothpaste Fragrant Olive100g

Pleasant fragrance bringing happiness Bergamot Fragrance

Switch toothpaste bergamot

Switch to a positive mood and gain happiness by this relaxing fragrance.

When do you use it?
Recommended for a blue day. This will save you from the emotional pits and help you with finding a new perspective. Last flash of hope in the most dark and gloomy times.
What is it for?
Insomnia, excitement, depression, worries, emotional instability, sadness, regrets, stress, tiredness.
Switch Toothpaste Bergamot100g

Fragrance helping you with tiredness and stress Lavender Fragrance

Switch toothpaste lavender

Heal your mind, body, and spirit. True relaxation in your hand.

When do you use it?
For body pain, restlessness, irritation. This will calm your mind, relieve tension, and restore mind-body balance. Suitable for fatigue.
What is it for?
Agitation, nervousness, anxiety, depression, autonomic imbalance, PMS, menopause, maternity care, childbirth, sensitivity to cold, hypertension, palpitation, insomnia, chronic fatigue, immune depression.
Switch Toothpaste Lavender100g
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