RE-CEPT Skin Premium contains lavish use of beauty ingredients. RE-CEPT Skin Premium Series ※ Which discovered by Dr. Stanley Cohen

The product is blended with lavish use of five kinds of beauty components. Those ingredients helps your skin look younger.

Three premium points

Nobel prize-winning ingredient“EGF”

Epidermal growth factor, or EGF (human oligopeptide-1) sold for more than 80 million yen a gram when it was first discovered by Dr. Stanley Cohen. The price has gradually come down, and in the last two or three years EGF petit-price cosmetics have been flying off the shelves… and the popularity of this ingredient is still skyrocketing!
EGF has a huge impact on skin cell turnover, and is expected to encourage elasticity and glow while effectively reducing the signs of aging–making it a perfect product for women of all ages.

Five rich beauty ingredients
EGF human oligopeptide-1
EGF exists in skin, and is made by 53 amino acids.
To keep younger looking skin, EGF is a necessary component in skin.
Super-hyaluronic acid
Super Hyaluronic Acid has approximately double the moisture retention capacity of regular Hyaluronic Acid.
Retinol derive
Retinol is one of the animal forms of vitamin A. Because It is easily affected by light, heat and oxygen, we used stable retinol derive.
Placenta is a beauty ingredient that includes amino acid, vitamins, minerals and enzyme, which promotes skin cell growth.
Nano collagen
Nano collagen is extremely lower molecular. It helps make your skin elastic and firm.
Affordable product for everyday use!

We are happy that our customers are satisfied with both quality and the price. We deliver the product to you directly from our factory.

Mild formulation for sensitive skin
  • No ethanol
  • No Paraben
  • No colorant
  • Mild acid

Skin patch test has been conducted. * *Results vary by user.

Product line up

Step 1 RE-CEPT skin Premium Lotion 170mL Step 2 RE-CEPT skin Premium Milky lotion 140mL Step 3 RE-CEPT skin Premium Cream 60g