LUCIA Protect nails and keep nails strong and beautiful.

First Anti-aging Nail Care Cream in Japan

Which one is your problem?

  • Nails are dry
  • Nails are damaged
  • Nails have lines
  • Nails are yellow
  • Nails are weak and soft
  • Nails are cracked
  • Aging

    Dried nails

  • Delicate

    Brittle and prone
    to breaking

  • Damaged

    Damaged by jell nail

Moist and hydrate nails which are dried and harden.

Concentration treatment for cracked and aging dried nails. *It means dryness of nails related to pliancy.

It helps make your dried nails shiny and glossy. It strengthen nails and keep gel nails long. (You can apply the product on gel nails) *It protects nails and promote plasticity.

(Example of use) It varies between individuals.
Feature ingredients
Treatment ingredients Penetration Keratin and adhesion keratin
Aging care ingredient Collagen
Glossy ingredients Argan plant oil and pearl extract
Essential nail cream
Who can benefit from Lucia Essential nail cream? People who have age-related
weak or dried nails.
Efficacy Strengthen nails
Feature It contains aging care
ingredient, retinol.

It contains rich oil to make nails glossy.
Fragrance Peach mango Peach mango
Common ingredients Two types of keratin, collagen, Argan oil, pearl extract (moistrurizing)

Opinions from product testers

  • Woman in her 30’s

    My nails were damaged and thin, but they became strong and shiny.

  • Woman in her 20’s

    My nails had been brittle. After using this cream, my nails are not prone to breaking.

  • Woman in her 30’s

    I applied the cream on gel nails, then gel nails last longer than before.

Do you know about your nail?

  • 1 Growth of nail

    Nails grow at an average rate of 3mm (0.12in) a month. Fingernails require three to six months to regrow completely.

  • 2 Nail is not calcium but protein.

    Nail is made of Keratin like hair. Dryness of surface of nails causes roughness and cracks.

  • 3 Aging causes lines on nails.

    It’s been said that nails have lines on surface just like skin wrinkles by aging.

  • 4 Nails need Vitamin A

    Nutrient required for growing nails is Vitamin A.

For beautiful and pliant nails, it is necessary to eat good protein or vitamin A, and appropriate care. It is recommended to moist nails with Lucia nail cream.

How to make your nails strong and beautiful

  • 1. Decide the shape.

    There are many shapes of nails like square, square off, round, oval, point etc. Especially difficult shape is square off and round.

  • 2. Trim your nails.

    Trim your nails by emery board. We don’t recommend using nail clippers since they cause peeling nails and crack nails.

  • 3. Remove cuticle

    Either soak tips of your finger into the warm water or apply moisturizing cream to the base of the nail. Then lift up the cuticle by pusher. Be careful not to tear the skin off.

  • 4. Moisturize the nails

    Moisturize your nails by Lucia Essential Cream. Spread the cream from the base to the top of the nails.

Lucia Essential Nail Cream
Lucia Essential Nail Cream

Concentrated treatment for cracked or aging-caused dry nails.

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